A Million Little Pieces of Poo

I finally got the blog thing going again. And I want to get something out there.

So, I am currently reading this book “A Million Little Pieces”

You may or may not have heard of this best-seller. It is a memoir about a young man in his early twenties dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. He writes about his time spent in what was known at the time as the country’s best rehab clinic. His subject matter is disgusting and attractive at the same time. However, as I am in the middle of the book and looking forward to his sequel My Friend Leonard, all of this controversy surrounds this man, named James Frey. Authorities are claiming that what he writes about is highly exaggerated and sometimes even totally fabricated.

He will be on Larry King tonight and I am eager to see what he has to say.

For the full details, which I care not to read about since I am still reading the damn book, click here:

Smoking Gun article on James Frey
A Million Little Pieces


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