Deadlines and Morons…

I generally enjoy big deadlines taking place on Mondays, because then I have the whole weekend to polish up my presentation and make sure there is no last minute rushing. Today, however, is a different scenario. Deadlines on Fridays can be good for freelancers because like those who have a real job, I now have the weekend off to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep. Oh wait, I forgot I started another project due Tuesday. Damnit. There goes my point, if I had one at all.

Here are some ICONS I presented today.

Thank god for lunch breaks and Newsvine. Today I got to catch up on the latest dumbarses in today’s news. Thanks to John V. for showing me this news site.

Such as the guy suing Apple claiming that iPods cause hearing loss.

This site also reveals more significant news. Such as Bush’s crazy antics.
Maybe our government could have saved some more lives during Katrina’s harsh blow to New Orleans.

Supposedly some of the White Sox aren’t impressed with Bush either. Well, unimpressed enough not to change previously-made plans in order to accept a honorary formal invitation to the White House as a World Series champion. Maybe Mayor Daley can go on a date with President Bush. According to his words, he seems really hard up to do it.

And I’m spent…


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