The Weekend Update

I lost in a small $30 buy-in Hold-Em tournament on Saturday at my brother’s house. I finished 6th out of 9 rednecks. Near the end, I was the low stack in chips and went all-in on a K J suited. I had to do it. Some guy called me with an 8 4. And guess what came up on the board? A freakin’ 4. Better odds going in, but eventually I walk away a loser. Story of my life.

Now it’s time for the Mawkus Movie Review. I viewed three films over the past week. No big screen reviews, but still some good flicks. I will keep this brief because it’s Monday and I’ve got a lot on my plate.


This French horror flick High Tension was pretty gory with a straight forward plot, until the twisted ending which is still gory. Minimal dubbed dialogue makes this movie worth watching. And if you like pointless bloody slasher films like I do, you’ll enjoy this. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


I obviously relate to this movie Waiting because I still earn some of my income from the service industry. This movie does not have award winning acting but I wasn’t expecting it either. I had never seen any film about waiting tables so I was eager to watch it. I wasn’t dissapointed. It was funny as hell, primarily for three things. First, there’s the character in the picture above Naomi. She has a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide personality. Watching her Terrets syndrome episodes contrasted by her kiss-ass attitude to her customers is worth the hour and a half alone. Then there’s the kitchen staff, especially the head chef played by Luis Guzman and the grill guy, who’s name I don’t know. And finally, there’s the entire staff’s “genitalia game”. Which I will leave as a mystery for you to watch. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Quote of the film: “You’re supposed to be the coolest waiter at Shenanigans? That’s like being the smartest kid with down syndrome!”


The third film is Hustle and Flow, which I thought would be silly because of the lame “crunk” music trend. I was way off. The acting was the best part of the film. Except for the lame white guy who helps produce the beats. They could have done without him, or at least replace him with Pauly Shore. Just kidding. The ending was also good. A ultimately happy one, but at the cost of some last minute strife. It’s interesting to notice that the film appears to be set in modern times, but I’m confused by the style Djay (the main character) and more importantly his hair. Is it really showing that crunk was hot way back in the 70’s or something? Oh yeah, I am always entertained by Ludacris, whether he’s spitting bars or acting. His appearance is limited, but just enough to be impressed. The movie is even up for two Oscars, Best Actor and Best Theme song. Despite my lack of interest in the southern crunk trend, there are some catchy and funny jams on the soundtrack. And if this film proves anything, it’s the fact that hookers and pimps can rise above and record hooks for radio airplay. Wow. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

If anyone reads my blog, can they at least leave a brief comment? I don’t mind negativity either. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Thanks.


4 Responses to “The Weekend Update”

  1. j.verhine Says:

    If you like Ludacris on screen, check out that movie, “Crash.” Good movie.

    I’d like to find out what you mean by ‘southern crunk trend’ though – kind of lost me there. Are you saying I’m livin’ a fad? đŸ˜‰

  2. Kristin Says:

    I watched Waiting this weekend, too, and agree that Naomi was hilarious. I think the new guy’s speech at the end saved it from being completely forgetable, tho. Oh, and the grill guy’s name you didn’t know: That was comedian DANE COOK, fool!! Have you not heard the funny that is Dane Cook?? You better get educated, negro!

    Also rented Walk The Line last night. Loved it.

    And because we can’t seem to go into Blockbuster w/o buying 2 for $12, we also got A Very Long Engagement [same director who did Amelie, which is one of my absolute favs.] and Birth. I’ll let you know how those go.

    Oh, and the movie High Tension was craptastic.

  3. Francesca Says:

    alright well your girl kristin already schooled you on dane cook- who i agree you have to check out. he’s my favorite comedian, one of the funniest guys out there right now- very physical, very animated comedy.
    i’m going to watch hustle and flow today so i’ll get back to you on that one and i’m a wuss when it comes to horror movies so i think i’ll leave that one be….

  4. waldo Says:

    i don’t like to read but I will now read your movie reviews…give me some mark pics for netflix…and don’t spoil the movie. my pick for you is ‘layer cake’.

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