Checking in…

So I was going to do another movie review, this time with a duet of horror flicks. Watching the second of the two films however was a mishap. Halfway through the movie the DVD would stall and not play on anything – not my DVD player, the Xbox 360, my computer…nothing. So back to Blockbuster Online it goes. This movie review will be delayed until I am done watching that mystery film.

I will spread something good around in the meantime. If you are down with good music, then please check out my Canadian fools at WeFunk Radio.

This is what I listen to when I zone out for hours, working on my computer. It is the best online radio station out there. Old skool hip hop and funk. It’s all you need. These Montreal cats are keeping the goodies in rotation. I promise.

After you get that good vibe from WeFunk going, then check out my latest icons.

And thanks for the comments, John and Kristin. Please keep em coming.


2 Responses to “Checking in…”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I’m glad you blog. That way I can keep up with you without having to actually talk to you. But you should add a subscribe function if you can, so others can know when you’ve updated.

    RE: your new icons: I think they are good design/representation, but I have one suggestion. I think you should reconsider the color of the computer monitor for the “F&B Register Set Up” icon. It bleeds into the background. I would go with a grey scale, just as you did with your “F&B Closing” icon. You could leave the screen color alone and adjust the monitor frame to grey scale, to make it easier on the eye, while also unifying more so to the rest of the scheme you demonstrated in your other icons. Just an idear.

  2. j.verhine Says:

    don’t check out!

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