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Movie Review #2

June 4, 2006

I’m watching movies a lot more now. It rocks, thanks to online video rentals. What a great idea. I’m deeper in my conquest to become an even bigger nerd. I also might start keeping a “movie notebook”, to write comments as I watch these thangs and so I won’t forget.

To me, the best part about the movie is the feeling you get when you are finished with it for the first time. How does the movie make you feel? If you really like it, you’ll probably be asking yourself (and others) lots of questions. If you really thought it was lame, then you’ll most likely be making fun of everything about it and you will be a little furious that you wasted your time on it. Retain that feeling. Document it. That’s the whole purpose of me even caring enough to blog this crap. But I know people like movies so maybe they will be interested to hear my thoughts. I know a thing of two about film. I took a few classes at VCU. Ok, enough of me sounding lame. My wild and crazy Saturday consisted of 2 movies.

First I’ll start with the bad movie. Aeon Flux


I didn’t show the movie poster cuz it’s lame and nothing new in the genre of female action movies. I’d rather pay homage to the character that kept me interested as a wee little lad. This movie is nothing like the animated series that I grew to love as I grew up with MTV. I should have known this when I saw that it was rated PG-13 because the animation was kinda morbid and sinister-like. And even though Charlize Theron looks much more attractive than this ripped dominatrix from the animated series, I was kinda let down with this adaptation. I think the two screenwriters from this film hung out on the set of The Island and ripped off their plot or something. The dialogue was super weak. Acting was horrible but that was kind of expected.


Once again, I can look at Charlize with jet black or blond hair, but I don’t think she was the one for this part. Hell, Angelina the Tomb Raider could have done it better. Or even the chick from Underworld, which I’ve never seen or have the desire to see. I guess those would have been the obvious casting choices.

I did enjoy the sets, the visual effects, and most of the action sequences. I kind of wish I had seen this in the theater for the visual experience but this movie wasn’t worth $8 bucks. I also appreciate how the environment is bright and organic as opposed to the industrial gloom that is depicted in the animated series and in most futuristic films. Good choice.

Not a total waste of my time. 2.5 out of 5.

Next is the awesome movie I watched, The Weather Man


This movie does not look that exciting, according to this movie poster and the website. So don’t tease me if you start to read this and follow my research. But I am a fan of Nicholas Cage and I know how good he is in the scheme of playing the pathetic person. Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas and Matchstick Men all came to mind when I watched this film. This character stands out among his role in those films because he doesn’t take sh!t from anyone as the weather man.

You must watch this. It’s hilarious but also serious. The plot revolves pretty much around the subject of family relationships. My favorite connection involves the father (Cage) and his daughter. All I can say is: camel toes and archery. And I will leave the rest for you to enjoy.


I mean, would you really want to bother this guy on the street? Even if he was the famous local weather guy?

I might buy this one. 4.5 out of 5.


The Weekend Update

February 20, 2006

I lost in a small $30 buy-in Hold-Em tournament on Saturday at my brother’s house. I finished 6th out of 9 rednecks. Near the end, I was the low stack in chips and went all-in on a K J suited. I had to do it. Some guy called me with an 8 4. And guess what came up on the board? A freakin’ 4. Better odds going in, but eventually I walk away a loser. Story of my life.

Now it’s time for the Mawkus Movie Review. I viewed three films over the past week. No big screen reviews, but still some good flicks. I will keep this brief because it’s Monday and I’ve got a lot on my plate.


This French horror flick High Tension was pretty gory with a straight forward plot, until the twisted ending which is still gory. Minimal dubbed dialogue makes this movie worth watching. And if you like pointless bloody slasher films like I do, you’ll enjoy this. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


I obviously relate to this movie Waiting because I still earn some of my income from the service industry. This movie does not have award winning acting but I wasn’t expecting it either. I had never seen any film about waiting tables so I was eager to watch it. I wasn’t dissapointed. It was funny as hell, primarily for three things. First, there’s the character in the picture above Naomi. She has a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide personality. Watching her Terrets syndrome episodes contrasted by her kiss-ass attitude to her customers is worth the hour and a half alone. Then there’s the kitchen staff, especially the head chef played by Luis Guzman and the grill guy, who’s name I don’t know. And finally, there’s the entire staff’s “genitalia game”. Which I will leave as a mystery for you to watch. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Quote of the film: “You’re supposed to be the coolest waiter at Shenanigans? That’s like being the smartest kid with down syndrome!”


The third film is Hustle and Flow, which I thought would be silly because of the lame “crunk” music trend. I was way off. The acting was the best part of the film. Except for the lame white guy who helps produce the beats. They could have done without him, or at least replace him with Pauly Shore. Just kidding. The ending was also good. A ultimately happy one, but at the cost of some last minute strife. It’s interesting to notice that the film appears to be set in modern times, but I’m confused by the style Djay (the main character) and more importantly his hair. Is it really showing that crunk was hot way back in the 70’s or something? Oh yeah, I am always entertained by Ludacris, whether he’s spitting bars or acting. His appearance is limited, but just enough to be impressed. The movie is even up for two Oscars, Best Actor and Best Theme song. Despite my lack of interest in the southern crunk trend, there are some catchy and funny jams on the soundtrack. And if this film proves anything, it’s the fact that hookers and pimps can rise above and record hooks for radio airplay. Wow. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

If anyone reads my blog, can they at least leave a brief comment? I don’t mind negativity either. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Thanks.